Meet Our Team

We are committed to making the real India accessible. We understand that there are barriers that come between merely seeing and understanding therefore we do our best in involving cultural interaction. Our passionate and experienced in-house guides are true insiders who thrive on sharing these experiences with you whilst making sure that your comfort is well taken care of.

From Nirmalya who oversees all operations in every capacity to Imran who has led birding groups from Harvard Natural History Society and Massachusetts Audubon Society; from Prerona and Amar who are always on call and ready to craft the perfect tailor-made itinerary; to Rupak who leads challenging treks across little-explored valleys -there is always someone to look after you. Ensuring that your entire trip runs like clockwork, from dawn to dusk, day in and day out, come rain, storm or infamous Indian hartaals (strikes), Eastern Odyssey is honoured to be able to do what we do: showing people from all over the world our favorite spots, jealously guarded secrets, and fascinating vignettes of the everyone’s favourite sub-continent.