Eastern Odyssey operates bespoke private travel and small group tours in India and Bhutan, with a primary focus in Eastern India.
Eastern India is a fascinating amalgamation of history, culture, religion, wildlife andtopography. Tucked away below the eastern Himalayas, this region is much like an unexplored “Road Not Taken”, with the indescribable beauty of the region making all the difference.India is celebrated for its polarities. From the mighty forts of Rajasthan,a state known for the vast Thar desert and its colourful Rajput heritage to Kerala and its backwaters and Ayurveda;India is like a continent within a country.

But what region can offer the staggering diversity that is Eastern India?
Revel at the wide sea-like expanse of water that is the mighty Bramhaputra river which is interestingly, the only river in the country with a ‘male’ name. Feed your spiritual appetite with a pilgrimage to the second largest monastery in the world-the beautifulTawang monastery of Arunachal Pradesh or even Parashuram Kund, a venerated Hindu pilgrimage site located on the lower reaches of the Bramhaputra plateau. Bengal is celebrated for not only for being the cultural capital butfor its equally stunning medieval terracotta temples of Bishnupur and the old french colony of Chandernagore. You could break bread with the tattooed Konyak tribesmen of Nagaland on one day and within two days, find yourself mesmerized withthe ancient Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa. It is this polarity that makes Eastern India such an exciting destination to discover.

An Eastern Odyssey Experience
At Eastern Odyssey, we are passionate about our region and all that it has to offer. We are committed to ensuring that all our tours are undertaken in a way, which is socially, environmentally, and culturally sound.With us, your travelling experience is not reduced to a series of slotted stops at tourist attractions- it is a state of being. Our aim is to ensure that you experience the beauty, history and culture and absorb the local sights and sounds of each place.This means a conversation with a wildlife conservationist, an invite to a tribal festival or a delightfully humble meal at a homestay. Whichever itinerary you choose, there will always be an earnest attempt by Eastern Odyssey to create an authentic connectionbetween you and the places you visit, the peopleyou meet and the memories you make.
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