Eastern Odyssey is one of India’s finest destination specialists. Since 1989, we’ve been pioneering explorations in India as ‘Jungle Travels India’, although now primarily focused on boutique India safari holidays. Ever since, we’ve been exploring the sub-continent of India and sharing our passion, using our first hand experiences to create exceptional tours with spectacular service.

Jungle Travels India, Eastern Odyssey and Assam Bengal Navigation are jointly founded by AshishPhookan and his wife, Jahnabi. Since 1989, this duo wanted to share their passion for eastern India in all its diverse glory and yet with a focus on wildlife, hence started ‘Jungle Travels India’. After which, in 2003 “a meeting of minds” best describes the encounter between Andrew Brock and AshishPhookan.

Both jumped at the chance of pioneering the Indian rivers, bringing together expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge in creating ‘Assam Bengal Navigation’ an Indo-British joint venture with a fleet of 3 river cruise ships. Whereas, ‘Eastern Odyssey’ was born with a focus to provide bespoke travel service in Eastern India and Bhutan as well as to celebrate this unique region of the world. Due to popular demand, our bespoke travel service now extends to other far-flung corners but we are committed in our passion and service for eastern India.

Thus, can you tell what sets us apart? We take pride in our region; our in-house guides are incredible and are always highly praised; our boutique products enhance your experience; we deliver the best of service thus ensuring the best quality; and last but not the least; we take pride in creating authentic exceptional experiences for you.

Oh and aside from the travel experiences we offer, we also own and operate a renowned eco-safari lodge in Kaziranga National Park along with a comfortable mid-range lodge at Manas National Park.

Why do we do it

- proud of our distinct region

- proud of our diverse heritage

- to encourage responsible tourism and community development

- our dream is to enable dignity of labour within our capabilities so that they don't have to go far away in search of employment.

- mainly because we love hearing how much you’ve enjoyed travelling  with us

Thus, no matter what style of traveller you are we have the ideal experience for you. Whether it is culture and heritage, a wildlife safari, a culinary adventure or your next family getaway that you're seeking, our travel experts are committed to tailoring your perfect holiday whilst you discover, explore, learn and experience.

We empower you to discover the Eastern India that lives amid the confluence of colonial heritage, indigenous culture and immigration ology, in bustling markets and far-flung mountain villages, and most of all, in the hearts of the people you will meet along the way.